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pool renovation

king of pavers pool renovation

if you have to close your eyes to see the pool of your dreams, come to king of pavers so we can open them for you.

King of Pavers takes pride in each individual pool renovation, making your ideal backyard oasis an affordable reality.   Your well-kept pool will increase not only the value of your property, but your enjoyment of the home you call your own.

King OF Pavers complete pool renovation
Modern pool deck & coping


When hardscape professionals think of impressive innovation, they think of Porcelain Pavers. Constructed of clay and quartz fired at high temperatures, Porcelain Pavers can mimic the look of rustic wood or elegant marble, and they're a favorite of modernists as well because they also offer an array of solid color options without the color variance of natural stone. But the real bang for your buck lies in Porcelain's extreme durability and longevity. Fade resistant and liquid resistant (practically waterproof) , with the load-bearing ability to withstand in excess of 2,ooo psi, the disadvantages of Porcelain Pavers don't exist. Did we mention  they're sustainably sourced from an unlimited supply of kiln-fired clay? You can give to yourself while giving back to the environment.

Natural stone pavers & coping

Time tested and family approved, natural stone will never go out of style. Our Travertine and Marble pavers are available in an array of colors and sizes, and both are ideal for poolside application. Choose from multiple patterns. Timeless, elegant, beautiful, and practical - incorporate all of these qualities in your backyard hardscape design with your choice of Travertine Pavers or Marble Pavers.